ML Polyolefins

Waste management

Waste management

ML Polyolefins has been active on the plastic market over 20 years.

We collect polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), laminate packaging waste and all types of waste of polyolefins. We are interested in collecting both post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

We provide our own transport of containers and develop the concept of waste segregation on the customer plant. We organise collection from contractors throughout Europe. Our specialists, together with the suppliers, work out effective solutions that do not interfere with the customer’s production by organising the segregation and removal of waste from their premises.

We secure technical facilities, such as containers, balers, tippers, etc. We organise the training of our suppliers’ personnel and transport of waste to our factory.

Our suppliers can count on professional advice. ML Polyolefins employees organise and conduct training courses for the employees of enterprises that want to optimise raw material recovery and minimise losses. We also prepare audits verifying the correctness of waste management solutions. We hold all the necessary permits provided for by environmental regulations.

„We consistently build a company that responds to the challenges of civilisation.

Sustainable development and circular economy are not empty slogans, but a course of action thanks to which future generations will have the chance to enjoy a healthy and clean planet.

We help companies in the plastics industry to implement innovative solutions that are the key to common success.”

CEO Tomasz Mikulski

About us

Plastic waste management – recovery of post-production and post-consumer waste

Founded in 2000, the company has been led from the beginning by its founder and current CEO Tomasz Mikulski, thanks to whom in two decades the ML Polyolefins brand becomes a synonymous of high-quality polypropylene regranulates, widely used in plastics processing.

Since its establishment, the company has been providing comprehensive services to plastics processors (manufacturers of flexographic film packaging, rigid plastics, off-grades and regrind), support the construction of advanced end efficient waste management systems in factories from many industries.

Our own transport fleet and machinery available to contractors, together with qualified personnel, are a guarantee of implementation of the right waste policy for company seeking a reliable partner.

Consistent development of modern machinery and unique know-how allows us to meet the high expectations of the largest PP processors in the European Union and North America.

A special role in the product improvement is played by the R&D and Quality Control departments, thanks to which ML Polyolefins is one of the leaders in implementing new production solutions and producing specialty compounds based on PP recyclate.

ML Group

A leading filed leader on the plastic recyclates market in Central and Eastern Europe and injection moulding production

The company operates under two brands:

ML Polyolefins

The largest producer of PP regranulate in CEE

Total production capacity:
25 000 tonnes per year

Area of activity: Europe and North America

Stella Green

Manufacture of eco-products for home and garden

Distribution in countries worldwide

Quality policy

We strive to ensure the excellent quality of our services and products and to minimise the negative impact of our operations on the environment while maintaining an acceptable level of risk and efficiency of our internal policy and procedures.

Quality and repeatability of the offered products have always been the key for us to meet the requirements of our customers and to build long-term relationships with our partners. The emphasis placed on the developments of our own laboratory, the development of the R&D department and cooperation with scientific institutions have allowed us to achieve tangible results in the form of production of high-quality plastic regranulates similar to prime materials.


We are an Organisation that uses waste for reprocessing and apply them to make useful products for people.

We contribute to the protection of our planet resources and minimize the negative impact of our operations on the natural environment.

We protect, safe, friendly future of next generations.


Focusing on quality and the challenges of modern world, ML Sp. z o.o. is based on high standards which are guaranteed by TÜV Rheinland and Plastics Recyclers Europe certifications.

Quality confirmed by certificates:


We want to achieve business objectives while maintaining ethical principles. We base our actions on mutual respect, cooperation, proper communication and professionalism. We care for positive relations with all interested parties.

The quality of our work and the effectiveness of environmental protection is an indispensable element of trust in our services and building the credibility of ML Sp. z o.o.


Environmental protection, quality assurance, compliance with legal, regulatory and interested parties requirements is possible due to the improvement of internal processes. We perceive improvement as a continuous process, the essence of which is to understand requirements, estimate risk, establish and implement policies, monitor performance and make decisions based on facts.


Scientific cooperation with university units specialising in plastics processing and studying recycling issues allows us to be at the forefront of product innovation, which plays a key role in achieving the objectives of circular economy. Joint projects, also on an international scale, result, among other things, in patent protection for products manufactured in our company.

EU projects

Projects implemented by ML sp.z o.o. with the support of the Funds European:

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