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The beginning of activity

The history of ML Polyolefins dates back to the year 2000, when the main basis of our activity was purchase and trade in recyclable materials. In a short time, the company has become a leader on the local market of plastic film waste. With the development, the ML company expanded the area of activity, taking over the leading position in the region. Solid bases of company’s activities, consistency in action, and constant investments in waste separationdevices made the compny quickly won recognition on the domestic market.

Just a few years after the start of operations, the company was receiving film waste i.a. from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Baltic States.

The first line for regranulation

An extensive network of suppliers and efficient service constituted the basis for a significant investment, which in 2006 was the purchase of the first in the company's history line for raw material regranulation.

In parallel with the start of production, the owners of the company decided to focus on two types of raw material – polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). The basic type of raw material for production was to be only pure, postindustrial waste.

At the same time, the trade in raw materials was discontinued, and the construction of warehouse stock for our own production was commenced.

Knowledge and development

The concentration of the company’s activity on the polypropylene regranulate led to the strict specialization of our production and the development of unique know-how.

Our team of specialists continually improves their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Our own laboratory allows for strict control of production quality and enables to supply regranulate with repetitive parameters.

Cooperation with university research units results in continuous improvement of production process and new production solutions dedicated to the processing of PP raw material.

Continuous improvement

In our production we use only clean, postindustrial waste, thanks to which we have full control over the input material used for regranulation. In order to properly recognize the needs of our clients, we decided to invest in the injection moulding plant, so that we constantly test the solutions developed by our technologists and better understand the requirements of contractors.


We are still striving for perfection, which is why we focus on those areas in which we are able to achieve excellence. Our core business is the production of black granulates, with quality similar to the prime material. Narrow specialization is our asset and allows us to meet the needs of the mmost demanding customers. All of our production lines are adapted to the raw materials used by us.


We realize how important the proper service is, that is why we are constantly improving in areas that are as important to customers as a high-quality product. Our technical advisors serve specialized knowledge, thanks to which they adjust the regranulates to the needs of the clients. Our own Logistics Department efficiently manages hundreds of transports carried out by us every month and ensures proper packaging and loading of our products.


Cooperation with market leaders requires proper organization on our side, which is why in collaboration with the reputable TÜV Rheinland institute we have passed the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, so that our contractors can be sure that all processes in our company are under special control. Regardless of the standards adopted in the ISO certification, we set ambitious goals that are constantly implemented by the experienced and unabatedly improving their skills team of the best specialists in Poland.

The future

ML Polyolefins is a leader in the production of polypropylene from recycled materials in Central and Eastern Europe, manufacturing ~ 1200 tons of granulates per month. In accordance with the Company's Development Strategy by 2020, in the coming years the company intends to strenghten its leading position in the region and join the group of the largest manufacturers of black polypropylene in Europe. The investment plans include the construction of new storage yards with an area of 9000 m2 (ongoing), a new factory (I qtr. 2019), the purchase and installation of a new regranulation line (III qtr. 2019), further improvement of the machinery park and increase in production potential.

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